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Choose Right Type Of Tires

Posted by on Jul 15, 2019

When it comes time to replace the tires on your car or truck, you’ll be faced with lots of different options. Some decisions are simple, such as using truck tires on a truck rather than performance tires, but others will take a little more thought and research to ensure you choose the right ones. The first thing you need to determine, before choosing any tires, is how you use them. Whether you’re buying tires for a car or a truck – or any other type of vehicle for that matter – there will be quite a few brands and models to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. And while some tires may seem more “sexy” than others, practicality should at least factor into your decision.

For example, if you’re buying new tires for a Jeep or other 4×4 truck, it can be tempting to go out and get the biggest, knobbiest mud tires you can find. This will really give the vehicle an authentic off-road look, after all. But if you do 90% of your driving on the streets, how practical are these tires really going to be? They’re noisier, your gas mileage will suffer, and they will wear out faster than a less extreme tire would.

Or if you drive a high-performance vehicle, like a Mustang or Camaro for example, it can be tempting to buy a set of low-profile, sticky tires for good cornering and high-speed driving. But again, if you spend most of your time cruising around town, from one traffic light to the next (and maybe not moving at all in rush hour traffic) how often are you really going to get the benefit from those tires? You’re much better off to look at how you realistically use your vehicle, and buy a set of tires that will suit that type of use. It might not be as exciting, but you’ll save a lot of money and be happier in the long run. And believe me, there’s nothing worse than buying another new set of tires far sooner than expected because you chose the wrong type the first time out, and you’re not happy with them – or they wore out too soon.