Affordable Auto Tires

Overview Of Tires

Posted by on Jul 15, 2019

If you own a car or bike, or any kind of rolling vehicle then you have probably come into contact with the moving point of the machine, the tires. Tires are round in shape, typically black and made of rubber to help keep traction. If you are looking to add new tires onto a vehicle or machine of the like, then check out this process of doing so. The first thing you want to check on the tire before considering replacing it is the tread. The tread the the amount of distance from the tire’s outside surface area to the inside core. The tread of the tire gets worn down with time and the wear and tear of the road. With car tires a penny is often used to determine if the tires need replaced by placing the penny in one of the tires dividends and marking how much of Lincoln’s head is showing, if it is over half covered then you need new tires.

Once you have the tread marked and noted, you can check for any objects that could be caught in the tires, such as nails or sharp pieces of metal. Often the thickness of the tire will protect it from popping or losing air pressure when it comes into contact with a smaller piece of metal or nail, so often you won’t have to worry. If you do find a nail set in the tire, it is often best to leave it inside for the moment and get the tire replaced before it is punctured anymore. Aside from tread and any set in objects, you want to check the pressure of the tire. The air pressure is what keeps the tire inflated, and is what keeps things rolling efficiently. The owners manual of a car has the set air pressure minimums and maximums, but it is often best to keep pressure at a high amount. Overall if you are looking into replacing your tires, check out these basic maintenance checks before making the final decision.